Zonga is the best way to get online when traveling.
Zonga is your Internet on the road for both business and leisure.
Zonga will take you and your friends online anytime, anywhere.

Rent a Mobile Broadband.

Zonga Mobile Wi-Fi is a mobile broadband rental service for travelers. Our business works like renting a car, except we rent mobile broadband.

Get online anytime, anywhere.

Our secure 3G broadband is designed for travelers and comes with wireless modem and unlimited data plan.

All You Can Internet.

Connect your personal mac, pc, tablet and phone to the Internet with Zonga Mobile Wi-Fi and share the connection with your friends.

Unlimited Internet everywhere.

Use web, email, Spotify, Skype and anything you want wherever you are – in a hotel, taxi, cafe or a park bench – based on mobile network.

Saves time and money.

Forget hard to find hotspots and expensive roaming charges. Rent Zonga even for just one day and enjoy the Internet hassle free. You can return Zonga to any mailbox.

Business class Internet security.

Secure your email and private data. Zonga matches even the tightest corporate security policies.

Subscription free.

No roaming charges, no surprises. We are famous for our fair all inclusive pricing.

Reliable and secure.

It’s better to be safe online than sorry offline. Zonga will keep you safely online throughout your trip.

Standard WLAN.

No need for installations or configurations. Just power on Zonga and use as a standard wireless network.

Customer care.

Our business class service and customer care makes sure you can Internet with ease.